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A distinct audio branding is essencial for every station. We create catchy signature melodies and customized jingles that stand out in a highly competitive market and therefore help our customers to consolidate and widen their audiences. Whether newscast on radio or music programme, AC or HR, oldie station or web radio – we work with successful top producers as well as with young arrangers, with charismatic vocal artists as well as with brilliant musicians in a production network for radio imaging unique in Germany. Learn more about our various services on the radio sector:


... makes your brand unique

A sound which gets under your skin and is intuitively recognizable – unique and inimitable – by means of the emotional language of music we expand your brand with a distinctive “key-acoustical”.

An audio signet must intuitively translate the metric, the rythmic and the favoured emotion of a brand into the correct musical form. In our custom productions we would like to advise you in the subject of acoustic branding to develop your brand in a unique way.

Custom Productions

... emotions translated into music


...the Sound of Brand Champions

We are happy to adapt our most successful branding packages for your radio station, web-channel, podcast. Our production catalogue providing all current radio formats is ready for your selection. We are loking forward to your message.

Requirements towards today`s station design have grown tremendously. Maximum flexibilty with regard to postprocessing or layout on assictance and broadcast systems is an important module for a comfortable and successful handling of a modern programme imaging.

Digital Audio

... Digital Variance for your Brand Imaging

Direct Licensing

High Ambitions - Limited Budgets?

neXt Generation – Sound Branding. License and download your jingles, sound-elements and musicbeds simply and direct from our great music cataloge of more than 1000 Tracks. Non exlusively or exclusively – depending on your demands.

Acoustic Branding?

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Spice up your station’s branding with custom-made radio imaging packages by jamXmusic. Got questions about the process? Get in touch and our radio imaging professionals will get back to you.